Student Supports

Welcome back to school 2023-2024

This year Mrs. Sellars and Mrs. Deguire will be our Learning Support teachers in our school. Children learn in different ways and at different rates.  Children with special needs, including those with mild, moderate and severe needs, as well as those who are gifted and talented, require specialized learning opportunities in order to receive an education that is appropriate for their needs.  We are committed to providing the necessary programming for our students.

We believe that parent-teacher relationships are necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year we will communicate with parents through telephone calls, emails, Powerschool, report cards and parent-teacher conferences. I encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your student’s progress. Please know that I will not respond during instructional time.

  • Mrs. Sellars: email or 403-273-1343 ext. 8405
  • Mrs. Deguire: email or 403-273-1343 ext. 8450

Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region

As part of a leading national organization, the Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region has been at the forefront of mental health for more than 50 years. We focus on proactive education around the importance and prevalence of mental health issues, and positive ways of managing them, including knowing when and where to turn for help.

Alberta Education - Curriculum Summaries

Curriculum Summaries provide a grade-at-a-glance overviews of what students are expected to learn. They are available in general and Catholic versions, and in French.

Alberta Education - The Learning Team Resource

The Learning Team - A Handbook for Parents of Children with Special Needs, 2003. This handbook offers information and strategies for parents of children with special needs who want to be meaningfully involved in their children's education.

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

On complex science issues, public perceptions frequently lag behind current research – sometimes by decades or more. To counter this delay in knowledge translation, the AFWI has enlisted the help of the FrameWorks Institute to craft a communications platform to make research on early brain and biological development, mental health, and addictions accessible to policy makers and the public. This will help speed the integration of current knowledge into Alberta's policies, systems, and services.

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.